Retail Sector

Retail is a real passion of ours here at academyONE
It is in fact where the journey started for us coming from a lifetime of working in retail and being very confused by just what are the opportunities in retail and what are the training solutions.
Town Centres, High Streets and Shopping Centres became destinations, somewhere you could shop, eat entertain and somewhere you have to travel to. We wanted to look at the whole journey and adopted the ‘sofa to City’ approach-looking at the whole customer experience.
The product offer, the customer experience and the customers’ needs became ever apparent as key drivers for a successful business. Also very apparent was the lack of consistency of skills to achieve a truly worthwhile customer experience with many missed opportunities for business growth purely from lack of awareness of just what is available.


  • Retail Apprenticeships
  • Retail NVQ’s
  • Retail WorldHost Customer Service
  • Showcase visual merchandising
  • Social media for retail- click to cart
  • Business planning
  • HR support
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing for retail
  • Stock loss training
Case Studies

Take an in-depth look at some of the ways academyONE has helped businesses grow.