Professional Association for Catering Education

PACE (Professional Association for Catering Education) is the representative body for the hospitality and catering education and training sector in England with links to colleagues in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Working with and on behalf of our members, we promote excellence and innovation within hospitality and catering education and positively champion the sector and its priorities within the hospitality and related industries.
  • PACE gives management and teaching staff the opportunity to share information, knowledge, ideas and best practice in the pursuit of continued excellence
  • PACE encourages and enables education establishments to work together to manage the challenges of continual change within hospitality and catering education
  • PACE gives it members a single voice and a powerful lobby, representing them and expressing their shared views and priorities on relevant bodies and organisations affecting catering, education and training
  • PACE connects the hospitality and catering education and training sector with industry suppliers, operators and associations to create a common understanding
  • PACE facilitates mutually beneficial relationships with hospitality industry operators and suppliers through the PACE Patron Scheme

The PACE network

We operate at a regional and national level. Our network of members currently includes 280 colleges, with links to 30 universities offering hospitality and catering, and in many regions a range of local schools. This equates to the representation of some 5,000 hospitality and catering lecturers and 100,000 students – 40% of which already work in the industry in roles such as chef and hospitality manager.
Across our ten regions, members meet regularly at networking events. This core activity enables ideas and information to be shared locally, and questions to be raised and issues identified for escalation to national level for action. Nationally, PACE is driven by our Executive Committee. The National Conference provides the focus and steers activity for the year. It also gives members the opportunity to connect with colleagues from other regions and consider different ideas, issues and perspectives.

The History of PACE:

PACE has been representing those involved in education and training within the hospitality and catering industry for over a decade. The organisation was formed out of the National Heads of Catering (NATHOC) group to give all education establishments offering catering and hospitality training national representation. It soon became an active voice speaking on behalf of the education and training sector on a range of industry and education panels.
Designed to be more inclusive in its membership, PACE soon developed into a highly-focussed network of lecturers, programme managers and heads of catering schools keen to share best practice, course designs, enrichment activities, and curriculum developments and materials. As the network developed, the ten PACE regions were established to allow for the discussion of local issues.

Making things happen

We are dedicated to positively shaping hospitality and catering education and training. Thanks to our passionate Executive Committee and members, and our strong industry relationships we have, and continue to, lead campaigns that do just that.
There are too many to list here but, to give a flavour, we were instrumental in the reform of professional cookery and professional service qualifications; we pushed for the development of Barista qualification; we established college representatives on all relevant curriculum development groups; and year on year we have increased the attendance and scope of the National Conference.

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