Liverpool ONE

We are Liverpool ONE… We’re more than just a collection of shops, restaurants and leisure facilities… We’re alive. We’ve got a pulse, a beat, a rhythm all of our own. We’re unique. We have our own atmosphere. We change with the seasons. We change by the day. We change by the hour. But our character never changes. We’re a celebration of style. A celebration of life. A celebration of not just feeling good, but feeling your best. And all of us have a part to play in this vibrancy… Because we are Liverpool ONE.

Our Vision

Our vision is as clear and distinct as our personality. We strive to be the ultimate retail and leisure destination in the North. This aim inspires our voice, and everything we do and say should be true to this. Our individuality and quality shines through our stores, events, people and atmosphere. We are a total embodiment of style.

Our Mission

To provide the very best retail and leisure experiences in the UK, always.

Our Values

Our values are simple. We stand for exceptional service. We seek to continually improve by listening and acting on feedback. We care for and respect the people we serve and the people we work with. We are responsible for the visitor experience and for empowering our teams. We inspire pride and confidence in what we do and set standards others aspire to.

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