WorldHost is a world-class training programme developed to raise the standard and delivery of excellence in customer service in the UK.
Developed by the Province of British Columbia and successfully used to train volunteers and staff at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, WorldHost has been adapted for the UK market with the support of leading employers and training providers. The programme includes modules on serving customers with disabilities, service across cultures and the ambassador workshop, particularly designed for volunteers assisting visitors to our country.
The WorldHost programme was also Awarded the Inspire mark in July 2011 and adapted to meet the needs of Olympic contractors and businesses for the 2012 Olympics. (WorldHost Principles of Hosting 2012)
The WorldHost programme is modern and energetic, offering a comprehensive training toolkit and relevant DVD and CD scenarios. It can be used across a wide variety of industries where the quality of front-line customer service is key to the success of the business.
The flexibility of the programmes enables us to adapt the course sessions to meet the needs of a wide variety of delegates from new entrants into the industry to experienced service staff working in a wide range of sectors.
A business can gain WorldHost recognition as soon as 50% of its front-line staff (including part-time and seasonal) have completed any of the WorldHost four programmes. The WorldHost Recognition Certification is valid for 2 years.

WorldHost recognition status

To achieve WorldHost recognition 50% of all staff must have successfully attended Worldhost Principles of Customer Service or Ambassador training.
Achieving this standard will allow your business to promote this achievement on the website, email signature, letterhead and with internal and external plaques.
WorldHost has been successful in delivering this outcome and many businesses have since adopted WorldHost as their company standard and mark of Worldwide recognition.
academyONE delivered WorldHost to over 3000 candidates to achieve this status for Liverpool city region.
Customer Service Principles

One day programme aimed at enhancing customer service skills

Customers with Disabilities

Half day programme aimed at increasing awareness and sensitivity

Service Across Cultures

Half day programme to improve understanding of different cultures

Ambassador Workshop

Half day programme which supports ambassadors and volunteers