Visual Merchandising: The relationship between shop fantasy and street reality.
Visual merchandising is the science that converts customers who browse into customers who purchase. The shop window is the physical mediator between products and customers, between stimulus and shopping decisions and between the shop’s fantasy and street reality.
Showcase visual merchandising, the first title in the new ‘showcase range’ written and produced by the founder of Skillsmaze Shalina Alabaksh, together we are delighted to share knowledge and tips of how to create magical stories through display, and what makes us part with our cash in shops when we had no intention of spending over our budget.
Its clever, psychological and creative retailing. And it’s fascinating to observe customers walk the direction that we’ve planned and fall in love with products that we have positioned advantageously.
The modules covered in this programme are:
  • Themes
  • Display
  • Layout
  • Product
  • Signage
  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Ambience
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