Click to Cart

Britain leads the world in online shopping.
We order via PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We shop from our bed and the sofa, and whilst travelling on the bus or train. We love the speed and convenience of shopping at whatever hour suits us- morning or night, glad to avoid check-out queues and searching stores for elusive items.
Inevitably, the increase in web shopping is impacting on our high street shops. That’s why it’s vital you create and maintain an online presence for your business, and keep pace with the ever-developing world of technology and social media.
Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, now play a part in the retail, hospitality and visitor trading business, and knowing how to use them advantageously is essential. Unconvinced? Here are further reasons why you should embrace this valuable marketing tool:
  • Your customers are already using social media. In the UK, 80% of adults go online every day, with 10% of the over 75s regularly using the internet, and 59% of adults with a Facebook profile.
  • It’ll give you a competitive advantage. Your Competitors probably already have an online marketing plan- you need to excel in this new arena or risk falling behind.
  • It will help you connect with your target customers. Through social media, you will nurture a community of followers who will see you as someone they trust rather than just a business- and brand loyalty increases sales.
The Click to Cart programme, developed specifically for the small-and-medium enterprise (SME) sector, comprises a series of four technical workshops giving comprehensive grounding in the key areas of content marketing; website navigation and analytics; search engine optimisation (on-page and off-page); and social media, email marketing and email newsletters.
So get ahead- get online and enjoy the benefits!
Content Marketing Workshop

Advises on ten content marketing formats to educate the customer about your industry.

SEO: On-page and Off-page Workshop

Explains five on-page optimisation techniques to enhance customer traffic.

Social media, Email and e-Newsletters Workshop

Create and manage Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts and get people to sign up.

Website Navigation and Analytics Workshop

Ensures your website presence navigation is easy and visible and explains web analytics.