So, who are they?

Voodou is a chain of four ladies and gents hairdressing salons and a training academy all based in Liverpool. Founder and managing director Rob Webb opened the original salon in Anfield 35 years ago. They are winners of two national awards: The British Hairdressing Business Award for Website Innovation of the Year and Creative Head Magazine’s Most Wanted Award for Best Online Salon.

What did academyONE do?

We supported Voodou with business mentoring as well as delivering the training courses from “Guide to Successful Retailing”. We also offered Voodou WorldHost training in “the Principles of Customer Service”. We assisted Voodou in the process of recruiting apprentices and staff are now undertaking NVQs in management.

So, why was that so good?

Having Voodou invest time and effort into their staff gives ONE huge boost to the people who are working there every day. This then reduces Voodou’s staff turnover, meaning they can spend more time with their customers and less worrying about who they need to bring in.
With the support of academyONE, Voodou have been able to hire top quality apprentices with minimal fuss, as well as receive guidance about the direction of their business from an outside, neutral perspective, which is invaluable for independent retailers.
WorldHost is the flag-bearer for Customer Service Quality in the UK. Being able to utilise the logo and publicity of WorldHost showcases Voodou as a business that takes the standard of their service seriously. The legacy of this is the NVQs, so the high quality is actively being maintained by all undertaking their qualifications. Combining each ONE of these with Guide to Successful Retailing is a winning formula for Voodou to build their customer service charter on.

Don’t take our word for it, what did Voodou say?

“From taking part in the Mary Portas training with academyONE, we have gained invaluable knowledge of our business, Voodou. From other points of view, we were able to make closer connections with other retailers within Liverpool and create a great support network. Also the training provided by academyONE enabled us to look at different ways of retailing that we may not have previously considered. It was a great experience which we all got a lot from and we look forward to working with academyONE in the future”. Rob Webb – Founder, Voodou