Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu

So, who are they?

Radisson Blu Liverpool is part of the high-end Radisson Blu hotel chain. Located in the heart of the Commercial District of Liverpool, the 194-room hotel also houses Ark health and fitness centre, swimming pool, sauna as well as The Filini restaurant and the White bar, with meeting rooms overlooking the river. Radisson Blu are a keen supporter of academyONE.

What did academyONE do?

We offered Radisson Blu WorldHost training in the form of the Ambassador workshop, which was designed to help Radisson’s staff consider all aspects of their customer service style with their visitors. We are also looking in to one-day management courses that the team at Radisson Blu can partake in.

So, why was that so good?

Having Radisson Blu invest time and effort into their staff gives ONE huge boost to the people who are working there every day. This then reduces Radisson Blu’s staff turnover, meaning they can spend more time with their customers and less worrying about who they need to bring in.
With the support of academyONE, WorldHost is the flag-bearer for Customer Service Quality in the UK. Being able to utilise the logo and publicity of WorldHost showcases Radisson Blu as a business that takes the standard of their service seriously. It also helps the staff at the hotel find new ways of dealing with different customers and situations.

Don’t take our word for it, what did Radisson Blu say?

“When I met with academyONE representatives after the training, I said the most difficult thing about training is keeping everyone’s attention. The way in which the training was delivered was interactive and interesting. There were many items brought up that people were not even aware of and lots of information and guidance that the front line staff didn’t previously know and took away with them from the day. The trainer was friendly, welcoming and was able to build a relationship with a very diverse group of people. We got such positive comments from everyone after the workshop. They all enjoyed the training, and they took it as a great opportunity to interact with different departments and learn from each other. Everybody had something to share which added to the experience and helped keep staff engaged. It was all about delivering a successful IFB and this helped massively.” – Hans Konings – General Manager, Radisson Blu Liverpool