Daniel Footwear

Daniel Footwear

So, who are they?

Daniel Footwear sell a large collection of designer shoes and accessories. With sites in 20 different UK cities, Daniel Footwear are passionate about their products and give their customers a wide array of selection from some of the world’s biggest names, such as Boss by Hugo Boss, Ugg and Michael Kors.

What did academyONE do?

We supported Daniel Footwear with Guide to Successful Retailing, a training scheme designed and developed to maximise skills, knowledge and tools for staff working in small and medium sized businesses. Staff will soon be undertaking NVQs in Customer Service and management.

So, why was that so good?

Having Daniel Footwear invest time and effort into their staff gives ONE huge boost to the people who are working there every day. This then reduces Daniel’s staff turnover, meaning they can spend more time with their customers and less worrying about who they need to bring in to support them.
Guide to Successful Retailing gives small and medium sized businesses the chance to assess their practice and identify areas for improvement. The legacy of this is the NVQs, so the high quality is actively being maintained by all undertaking their qualifications. Combining each ONE of these with Guide to Successful Retailing is a winning formula for Daniel Footwear to build their customer service charter on.

Don’t take our word for it, what did Daniel Footwear say?

“It was quite insightful to get an outsider’s perspective on the business, as it’s quite easy to take an insular view when you’re in the same environment seven days a week. I particularly enjoyed the section on visual merchandising. Going forward, it will be useful to have what we do rewarded with an NVQ that validates our hard work at Daniel Footwear.” – Laura Wingle, Manager – Daniel Footwear (The MetQuarter)