About academyONE

academyONE is an umbrella of specialist delivery organisations and industry experts.
We provide a ONE stop solution for recruitment, skills and business support for retail, logistics, hospitality, visitor, transport, hair & beauty, creative, healthcare and manufacturing sectors and truly responding to the needs of the local and UK economy.
We work closely with our specialist delivery partners to ensure all of our clients receive the very best from industry specialists who are handpicked to work within our team.
We pride ourselves in delivering services to employers and future employees within the above sectors to support people into sustainable employment and ensure they have the skills they need to enter into the world of work and have fun whilst learning and more importantly continue to learn and gain valuable skills that in turn impact on the growth of their business improve efficiencies and increase staff retention.

Why do we do it?

The story begins with the retail sector and the lack of support services and skills required to enable the sector to grow and thrive.
Having spent many years looking for the ‘right’ solution and weaving through the plethora of offers available it became very apparent the market was confusing and also many businesses operate across a number of sectors it doesn’t just stop at retail skills.
Town Centres, High Streets and Shopping Centres became destinations, somewhere you could shop, eat entertain and somewhere you have to travel to.
We wanted to look at the whole journey and adopted the ‘Sofa to City’ approach – looking at the whole customer journey.
Commercial Training Solutions

academyONE can offer a range of business support packages to help your business achieve its goals and support sustainability.

The product offer, the customer experience and the customers’ needs became ever apparent as key drivers for a successful business. Also very apparent was the lack of consistency of skills to achieve a truly worthwhile customer experience with many missed opportunities for business growth purely from lack of awareness of just what is available.
We became increasingly aware of the lack of skills support and support services and much more than that awareness of what is available to support businesses and where they could access support in ONE place.

How does it work?

By creating ONE place where businesses and learners alike can access quality training solutions and business support for all of the industries involved in providing services for a successful world class destination we created academyONE and invited the best provision to join the ONE stop solution.